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Classical literature is given a special place in the artistic genres. But many have written, and not every product has the status of a classic in the era of the well-known classics. There is an opinion that is referred to classic books that are popular with many. This is not entirely true. Moreover, during the period of publication many books were not accepted by his contemporaries, and after a few decades, found an echo in the hearts of readers. The classical works of a surprising combination: the novelty of ideas, works of original style, to put it differently, literary skills, the unfolding of ideas at the same time, the presence of overtones, which often means more than the obvious theme, rhythmic vivacity of the characters and a bold reflection of the nature of time, expressed or lyrics or comedy, or epithets, the integrity of the structure, content and form, where each separate part, is the likeness of the whole. That is, the classic - that is to say, the scientific work on a specific topic where the error in the solution of one of the formulas leads to the destruction of all evidence. More classic can be called a living organism, which lives according to the laws established by the writer - that is, always, because this work lies the soul of the master.

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